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April 10, 2024

6 Boehnke bills signed into law

OLYMPIA… In a remarkable feat of legislative prowess, Senator Matt Boehnke, R-Kennewick, saw six of his bills signed into law by Governor Inslee in March. This achievement, the highest number of bills he’s successfully passed since his tenure in the legislature began in 2019, is a testament to his dedication and effectiveness in governance. Of...
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March 13, 2024

Boehnke school bus trespass bill clears Legislature, awaits Governor’s signature | AUDIO

Keeping trespassers off school buses is the aim of a bill passed out of the state Legislature. Tracy Ellis tells us the measure is named after a real-life hero. #waleg LISTEN HERE
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March 08, 2024

D’Aquila serves as page for Sen. Matt Boehnke

OLYMPIA… Jason D’Aquila, a 9th-grader at South Ridge High School, recently spent a week working as a page for the Washington State Senate at the Capitol in Olympia. D’Aquila was one of 32 students who served in the Senate during the Ninth week of the 2024 legislative session. He was sponsored by 8th Legislative District...
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March 08, 2024

5 Boehnke bills pass legislature

OLYMPIA… Washington State Senator Matt Boehnke has been very active in representing the 8th district this legislative session, with 28 bills introduced or retained from the 2023 legislative session. As the 2024 session ended today, Boehnke had five bills pass the House last week, all unanimously, and concurred by the Senate this week. All five bills...
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March 06, 2024

3 initiatives pass the legislature

OLYMPIA… Yesterday, the Washington State legislature passed three initiatives, the most ever enacted by the legislature. Initiatives 2111, 2113, and 2081 all represent a comprehensive approach to enhancing the quality of life in Washington State. From protecting economic interests without imposing income taxes to ensuring communities are safe through effective law enforcement and supporting parents’...
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March 01, 2024

Coates serves as page for Sen. Matt Boehnke

Ethan Coates and Sen. Matt Boehnke  OLYMPIA… Ethan Coates, an 8th grader at Bethlehem Lutheran from Cashmere, recently spent a week working as a page for the Washington State Senate at the Capitol in Olympia. Coates was one of 32 students who served in the Senate during the seventh week of the 2024 legislative session....
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