Boehnke secures $300,000 in capital budget

OLYMPIA… Washington State Senator Matt Boehnke, R-Kennewick, has helped secure $300,000 in the state capital budget for the 8th legislative district, which includes Benton and Franklin Counties.

Sen. Boehnke’s capital budget requests were $240,000 from the 2025 local and community projects funding for the Port of Benton Inland that will help support the future state Port Electrification program to support zero emissions equipment and conversion of rail engine to electric. Another $60,000 was approved from the same project funding for an Emergency Communications Radio Microwave, which will help support the replacement and updating of equipment used by Benton and Franklin Co. first responders.

“Investing in the Emergency Communications Radio Microwave system for the Port of Benton is an essential step towards ensuring the safety and security of our community. This funding will enable us to establish a robust communication infrastructure, enhancing our ability to respond effectively to emergencies and protect the well-being of our citizens,” Sen. Boehnke said. “The Port of Benton’s request for funding for the Emergency Communications Radio Microwave system is a proactive investment in our community’s resilience. By supporting this initiative, we demonstrate our commitment to preparedness and rapid response, ultimately safeguarding lives and critical infrastructure during crises.”

“Allocating the funds for the Emergency Communications Radio Microwave system at the Port of Benton is a strategic decision that aligns with our vision for a safer and more secure community. This investment will bolster our emergency communication capabilities, enabling seamless coordination among first responders and agencies, and reinforcing our ability to mitigate risks and protect our residents,” Sen. Boehnke said.

The Senate’s supplemental capital budget plan, Senate Bill 5949, funds the construction and maintenance of state buildings, public-school matching grants, higher-education facilities, public lands, parks, and other assets.

“I  commend our  leadership. Senators Schoesler, Rivers, Warnick,  Mullet. and Robinson got it done and both sides worked really well together,” Sen. Boehnke said.

The Senate Ways and Means Committee approved the Senate supplemental capital budget this afternoon. The full Senate will vote on the spending plan later this week.

The House Capital Budget Committee held a public hearing on the House’s proposed supplemental capital budget on Feb. 23.