Boehnke speaks at Memorial Day weekend ceremony

Sen. Matt Boehnke, R-Kennewick, a retired Army Lieutenant Colonel, joined veterans, parents, middle school students, and the public at The Field of Honor Memorial Day Ceremony on May 24 at Bethlehem Lutheran School in Kennewick, Wash.

The Field of Honor is a visual representation of the fallen men and women of our Armed Forces. The ceremony paid tribute to their sacrifice and honored their service. 

“As we stand among these flags, each representing a fallen hero, let us remember that their legacy lives on in the freedoms we enjoy every day. Their sacrifice is a solemn reminder of the cost of our liberty and the enduring strength of our nation<” Boehnke said.

During the ceremony, Boehnke spoke about Memorial Day and its meaning to the families of those who have fallen.

“In honoring our fallen heroes, we also honor their families and the communities that support them. Let us come together in unity and gratitude, not just today, but every day, to uphold the principles of freedom and justice that they so valiantly defended,” Boehnke said.

Bethlehem Lutheran Church founded the elementary school in 1911, with 16 students, to provide a Christian education for its members’ children. Classes were held in the church building, and Reverend Henry Brockmann, the congregation’s first resident pastor, taught.

The school has occupied three campuses for over 100 years and moved to its present campus in December 2011. It serves the entire Tri-Cities community by providing a high-quality, Christ-centered education to students in preschool through eighth grade.